Friday 28 June 2013


Sometimes I feel in a romatic mood so you will often see me creating girlish sets. In these looks you can see me wearing lace, delicate materials, pastel colors and feminine accessories. Today's outfit is a perfect example. Now and again I enjoy how I feel wearing such girly clothes.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Don't wink at me!

This season it's generally accepted that stripes are dominating the fashion trend. Personally I could never be bored with the trend and recently have bought another pair of striped jeans. Today I matched them with a short denim jacket, a top with printed face and red accessories. 

Monday 24 June 2013

New in: Burberry bag

        Pora wyprzedazy w Wielkiej Brytanii rozpoczela sie juz na dobre. Jesli chodzi o sieciowki to nic ciekawego nie rzucilo mi sie w oczy, natomiast Harrods bardzo przyjemnie zaskoczyl mnie w tym roku.
 Sporo rzeczy od projektantow po obnizkach od 10, do 70%, poza tym '' morze'' przecenionych butow, ciuchow, torebek i kosmetykow.
 Klasyczny kuferek od Burberry Prorsum jest takim wlasnie wyprzedazowym lupem.

 The sales in Great Britain have started. When it comes to high street stores I couldn't find anything interesting. Luckily this season in Harrods they had many designer items discounted from 10 to 70%. '' Sea'' of reduced shoes, bags and cosmetics- that's what women like the most.
My new Burberry Prorsum bag comes from the Harrods sale.I love it!

Pozostale wyprzedazowe zdobycze to glownie kosmetyki min : perfumy Jasmin Noir (kocham ten zapach)
The rest of my sale items are: Jasmin Noir parfumes

 oraz  pachnacy komplecik Versace - Crystal Noir
and Crystal Noir Versace set

Friday 21 June 2013

Why Not.

I could sum up my set with the term sporty elegance. Don't be surprised to see track suits combined with high heels nowdays. Why not - as fashion is all about experimenting, trying new things and having fun. So today you can see me wearing sporty look together with high heel fashion. 
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Style Icon

Today's look most importantly focuses on big city comfort and it's motto is: comfort at all cost!
I am wearing a red leather jacket ( love it!), a black pair of leggings, trainers and  a spacious bag. These pics were taken around the Piccadilly Circus area so today I also added some extra photos of this charming but always very busy part of London.