niedziela, 27 maja 2012

Bow sandals

Lately you may have noticed that my outfits  were very bright and colourful, however,  today I decided to chose a set  that is simpler and  more classical. It is also very comfortable and perfect for everyday  wear. The highlights of this outfit are new sandals and a black blouse decorated with hundreds of pearls.
Have a lovely day! 

sobota, 26 maja 2012

In a lavender mood.

A pair of lavender trousers  have been  on my must have list for some time so  when I saw them in the shop I didn't hesitate.The bag was an impulse buy from a sh shop. The  set is bright and colourful, you can  almost scent  lavender around me.
Have a nice weekend!

czwartek, 24 maja 2012

Hot Fuchsia.

The weather has quickly changed to high summer tempratures giving me the opportunity to wear some of my favourite summer dresses.The dress I am wearing today has a  fuchsia flower pattern. I complimented this with fuchsia shoes and matching accessories.

wtorek, 22 maja 2012

Brogues shoes

Today I am wearing brogues shoes which I find the most  comfortable shoes ever. They make a nice change from wearing the popular ballerina shoes. The other  new things in my outfit  are: a pair of striking,teal trousers and an animal motive top. 

niedziela, 20 maja 2012

Nautical on the River Thames.

Often people say that red and navy blue go well together. I enjoy mixing and wearing both colours.
In today's set I presented some new things. For example high-waisted shorts, a jacket and blouse in nautical style and red ballerina shoes.
The pictures were taken on the river Thames. I enjoy looking at them especially now that I am back in Poland.
Have a lovely Sunday!

czwartek, 17 maja 2012

Coral jacket

The set I am wearing today is simple, practical and ideal for everyday use. I am wearing a coral jacket which I mixed with a yellow, pleated blouse and  blue jeans. The only  piece of jewellery I am wearing today is a large  4 fingered ring, which is the biggest  ring in my collection! 

sobota, 12 maja 2012

Lavender &mint duet.

I've been looking for a pair of  mint trousers for a long time so when I found this pair I though they are ideal. Today I mixed them with my favourite  lavender blouse( I love the colour!) and  a white jacket.  I really like this lavender&mint duet .
Have a lovely weekend!.

środa, 9 maja 2012

New in.

Pare nowosci ktore pojawily sie w mojej szafie. Niektore rzeczy nie sa juz takie ''nowe'' kupilam je dosyc dawno temu ale dopiero dzis je pokazuje.

Bluzki- Atmosphere

zoom na ciekawy kolnierzyk

czarna mgielka

para oversizowych ''londynskich''topow

dwa zabawne t-shirty

kardigany w stylu Chanel

Jedwabna apaszka Hermes -tym razem o motywie rycerskim-  vintage shop