wtorek, 31 stycznia 2012

I'm worth it!

In today's set I am contrasting  a delicate, light, creamy dress with a pair of heavy biker boots and a black jacket. This kind of set is easy to wear, comfortable and ( most importently)  gives you a younger appearance!
I'm worth it!

sobota, 28 stycznia 2012

Vintage belt

I am a massive fan of visiting vintage shops and stalls because I really love to find fashion gems with character. The belt from today's set comes from one of such places. It has the look of a belt from an old Versace collection and you can also wear it as a necklace.
 It was a find of the week!

czwartek, 19 stycznia 2012

Another coat.

In a past post I mentioned that I really liked Atmosphere winter collection coats this year. That's why I bougt another one. I love the pattern and the colour. I think it is ideal for this time of the year when the weather is so changeable! 

wtorek, 17 stycznia 2012

Aztec in winter.

I really like the Aztec designes. The jumper  I am wearing in today's post has a great Aztec design. I usually wear it over the  top o fa  longer jumper during the winter. It helps me to keep warm as well as being comfortable.

sobota, 14 stycznia 2012

The swinging 60-es

I like playing with fashion. With the availability of different styles of clothing you are able to mix and match different eras. I particularly like the fashion of the swinging 60-es so in today's set I was  thinking about that colourful decade. To create this look I used a retro looking style coat, accessories and  a black  YSL vintage  bag.
Welcome to the swinging 60-es today!

środa, 11 stycznia 2012

Cherry pants.

The cherry colour  pants that you can see in today's post are typical of the kind of trousers I often wear. I have added this purchase to my burgundy collection. Generally speaking, I like to wear colourful pants and at the moment the shops seem to be full  of  them so I will probably buy another pair of  striking jeans soon. They will be ideal for spring!

niedziela, 8 stycznia 2012

Topshop biker boots

After going to the sales this year I found a great pair of biker boots in Topshop  which I really like. These boots are the only sale purchase I bought so far. Maybe I am being a little picky or the sales are not as good as they used to be in the past so I haven't bought anything else.
Today's set is casual, city kind of style which is a favourite look of mine especially while  I am in London where I put comfort first.
Have a nice Sunday!