sobota, 31 grudnia 2011

The fashion highlights of 2011 and the wishes of 2012

Dzis jak co roku  male  podsumowanie bloga. Kilka zdjec ale za to jakie  mnostwo  fajnych wspomnien.
Szczesliego Nowego Roku Kochani!!

Today's post is a summary of  the last year's fashion posts. Some choice pictures and lots of happy memories.
Happy New Year Everybody!!

czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011

CHANEL bag from Santa Claus.

This year I found this lovely Chanel bag under the Christmas tree and I was overjoyed to discover that it was a real vintage bag  as all of my blog followers will know how much I love vintage. It is a classical model in the mini version,it is about 30 years old,comes from France and  has the scent of the past. That's why I wouldn't change it for a brand new one. For me this bag is just perfect.
Thank you Santa Claus!!
Have a lovely day everybody!

wtorek, 27 grudnia 2011

Oversize chic.

I have looked for an oversize jumper for some time but  I was unable to find one  that I really liked. Luckily after trying on the one I am wearing in today's set I made up my mind to buy it. I really like it because of the colour, shape and size. At the moment I am wearing it a lot because the weather in London is very mild and not at all cold.
In the Uk the sales have started as usual on Boxing Day and today is the first day of sales at Harrods so I am going there to see if I can bag a bargain:_)

piątek, 23 grudnia 2011

Orange Birkin for all seasons.

Although the colour orange was in fashion last summer I am not bored by it and wear it in autumn and winter. Especially because my favourite Birkin bag has such a great shade of orange.
Today I matched this bag with an orange jumper , corduroy shorts, and caramel accessories.

I wish you a very marry Christmas and and hope that you all receive nice presents.
This year I will be especially looking out for Santa as I hope he will leave me a very special gift that I have dreamt of for a long time.
Merry Christmas!!

niedziela, 18 grudnia 2011

Burgundy boots

The sales in England have started already so I decided to buy these lovely, suede burgundy boots. They were a real bargain as the sale price was just 50%. I love the burgundy colour, I don't have this shade of boots in my wardrobe so I was unable to resist such a bargain.
In this outfit I mixed the boots with a green parka, a cherry coloured cardigan and grey accessories.
Have a lovely Sunday!
A do dzisiejszego postu przyczynil sie nowy sprzet - moj prezent urodzinowy( bardzo utrafiony!) .Mam nadzieje ze  ze bedzie sie dobrze spisywal i ze  tym samym poprawi sie jakosc zdjec na blogu.